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Hybrid shoes fit the design Nike moves again launched Nike Lunar, Presto Rejuven8 shoes of a single product, combined with the latest Nike technology, very light of science and technology as well as the Presto and Rejuven8 Lunarlite sole shoes design crafted, and the Nike Lunar Presto Rejuven8 shoes also launched a series of color available this selection, black and yellow color is the most eye-catching color. 's Air Jordan 15Lab12, which combines AJ12 and AJ15, is the latest attempt at Jordan Lab. shoes on the basis of AJ12 into AJ15 woven cheap foamposites uppers, with a simple black and white color decoration, half of the upper half of woven leather collocation, gives a bright feeling. what do you think about the new work? Shenzhen Leather Association 15 years advantage position highlights at the beginning of June 2007, Shenzhen Leather Industry Association successfully held the "warm, harmonious and return" as the theme of the 15th anniversary celebration in Shenzhen city Landmark London Hotel, BELLE international is also successfully listed in Hongkong celebration. Li cheap jordans for sale ght Industry Association vice president Zhang Shanmei, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Trade Development Bureau deputy director Zhang Chaomei Chinese Leather Association long Zhang Shuhua, deputy director of the Shenzhen reform and Development Bureau Qin Qunli Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association President Wu Jingtian, chairman of the Hongkong General Chamber of Commerce Deng Yao, Guangdong shoe leather industry association chairman Wang Jianxin, vice chairman of Guangdong province shoe industry association Li Juan will celebrate. cheap jordans online leather industry in Shenzhen has always played an important role in china. Create and after 20 years of development, from the formation of leather shoes, leather bags, leather, raw materials and other hardware accessories complete industry chain. In the large and medium-sized cities in China, the export volume of leather industry has been among the best for more than 10 consecutive years. In its development, Shenzhen Leather Industry Association for the leather industry, enterprises and government communication play a good bridge, trading i cheap jordans for sale mens ndustry enterprises to participate in various domestic and international leather exhibition, seminar, carry out a variety of assessment, certification and quality inspection activities, coordinating the relationship and communication information for enterprises to do a lot of service work. In May 23, 2007, as Shenzhen leather enterprises BELLE international holding company successfully listed in Hongkong, two records on the record, this result in hundreds of beauty to their own efforts, also cannot do without the strong support of Shenzhen Leat Retro jordans for sale her Association and the brother of enterprises. Shenzhen Leather Industry Association industry vigorously promote the brand strategy, and spare no effort to promote grass-roots brand building, for six consecutive years to carry out the "ten big shoes, like the people in Shenzhen leather" selection activities, promote the independent research and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and promote the building of its own brand, and has made remarkable achievements in brand development. Among them, BELLE won the "China brand" ti Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping tle for three consecutive years; in addition to Hasen China top ten shoes Wang, the famous brand of Guangdong Province, in 2004 obtained the title of national inspection free products; COBO, Dissona, XAMAX, ferry Europe, SASA and other brands of leather, SKAP, ALIDA, and Lijiana freidaa Marchiori, and Fra Turley brand shoes, Giorgio Ma Tiannu, commences, Moreline, Luchino, Dani and other fur clothing constitute the Shenzhen leather brand first team, and is expected to produce the next BELLE from. the leather industry in Shenzhen, while c cheap jordan shoes for men reating brand, is also enthusiastic about public welfare and give back to the society. BELLE donated to Tibet Lingzhi District hope primary school, set up BELLE University, dragon Hao shoes industry "protect the earth, green public welfare activities", Hasen set up a scholarship in Northwestern University, Yao Qun shoes industryNever thought of it, Nike will next be re engraved Dennis on Rodman 1996 Air Shake Ndestrukt ts. Two new models are presented in the home court and away color, although there is no definite information available, but it Retro jordans for sale is enough to make many tiger fans tread on air. nike-air-shake-ndestrukt-2017-retro-bulls.jpg (88.69 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt 2017 return Upload 09:34 2016-11-7 nike-air-shake-ndestrukt-2017-retro-bulls-1.jpg (105.54 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt 2017 return Upload 09:34 2016-11-7 nike-air-shake-ndestrukt-2017-retro-bulls-2.jpg (82.9 KB, download times: 2) download attachment Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt 2017 return Upload 09:34 2016-11-7 nike-air-sh Cheap air jordans for sale ake-ndestrukt-2017-retro-bulls-3.jpg (111.18 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt 2017 return Upload 09:34 2016-11-7 nike-air-shake-ndestrukt-2017-retro-bulls-4.jpg (97.2 KB, download times: 1) download attachment Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt 2017 return Upload 09:34 2016-11-7 nike-air-shake-ndestruk0The black color of Anthony's favorite this color will be on sale in the shop to specify new year on January 3rd, for $$170.1921, Shimano Shoburo in Osaka, Japan founded the Shimano Tetsuku (Shimano iron works Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ), flywheel products for sale. don't know if Shimano was able to envision that the sale of the bicycle wheel of the small workshop one day will be able to affect the entire bicycle industry giants. 2016 years of the 18 world tour in the team, there are 14 teams using the Dura-Ace Shimano speed suite. Starting from the first set of Dura-Ace 7100 in 1973, to the eighth generation of Dura-Ace 9000 in 2013, the birth of Dura-Ace Shimano has been a full 40 years of history. This 40 years, Dura-Ace from start imitation of the Campagnolo, now used almost than their product line is also widely patent leading the development of the highway car products and technologies, we in marvel to Shimano lasting innovation at the same time may also could not help but give birth to such a question: Shimano will always lead the industry? Will 's time on this giant stop? When the axis of time we see Dura-Ace of and we have found that since the nineties of the last century, the update cycle of the highway Dura-Ace suite is being gradually shortened, since entering the new century, the interval between the update of third generation suite from far to near 5 years and 4 years, if in accordance with the law, time come to the next generation Dura-Ace suite should is Dura-Ace 9000 released 2013 3 years later. we certainly hope Shimano can come up with a new guy as soon as possible, but, Shimano can meet us? Just entered the 2016, we can do just quietly waiting for it. Dura-Ace 1973 7100 5/6 speed 7100 birth the first set of Dura-Ace. At that time the name of the source in the combination of "dura" and "ace", the dura from "Duralumin" and "durability", has a long durability of the meaning, and "ace" represents is extraordinary talent. However, before the November 1974, this suite are is came out in the name of "Jura ace", because "dura" in the Japanese pronunciation of English is "Jura" until a year later was officially changed to Dura-Ace. 1973 year, Shimano hopes to enter the European market by sponsoring the Flandria team, which is the year of the original Flandria-Shimano fleet car was sponsored by the Belgian professional team Flandria Shimano, has become the world's first use of Dura-Ace sets

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